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I’m not sure if my husband agrees with tantra sex

I have just started looking into Tantra Sex. I have been abused emotionally and physically (very deeply emotionally). I have been in counseling and have also discovered that I have very little male testosterone in my body. I have taken male testosterone but am at the point where I leave my body when it comes to sex. I have been married to a wonderful husband for the last 27 years who has stuck by me all these years, both of us not knowing why I am the way I am. Counseling has uncovered so many answers. I am afraid to get in touch with my sexual side, even though my husband is understanding. I have very many teenage thoughts in my mind, and won’t let the adult take over. This is just my sexual being in a nutshell. I would like to know where I should start trying to change avenues to grasp on to my femininity.   I’m not sure if my husband agrees with tantra sex. Could you please try and let me know where I should start. Thanks for your help.


Our approach to sexual healing is from the perspective of learning to open to the joys and pleasure of sacred loving, rather than using analysis to figure out what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how to fix the problems. We focus on what you do want—a healthy joyous sexuality in a long-term committed relationship with someone you love and who loves you. By focusing on the problems, for example with various forms of analysis, people just seem to stay stuck in their past.

We have a sexual healing series that would be most valuable for you to reclaim your spontaneous, joyous sexual self. You would participate in this series with your husband. This is essential, because of the dynamics of relationship and how they can feed the past or lead you to freedom in the now moment. There is always work to do on the part of both partners, regardless of which one was abused and damaged in an earlier time of their life.

You can find out more information about our sexual healing series here:

You can call us toll free if you have questions: 1-800-684-5308

We would highly recommend that you get a copy of our book, Soul Sex:

Tantra for Two and that both of you read it cover to cover as a way to start working on your healing process in the context of your long-term committed relationship.

Here is more info about our book  Soul Sex: Tantra for Two

Another alternative if you prefer to work more with other women rather than with your husband at this point in your healing woutl be to attend Pala’s Goddess weekend for women only. The entire weekend is an exploration of sensuality, sexuality and the feminine Goddess.

Here is more information about the Goddess weekend.

Pala onlyk does this weekend about once per year, but this would be a much less expensive alternative to the Sexual Healing Series, depending upon your budget.

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