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I would expect that we will soon have sex

I believe that making love is a blessing and a beautiful gift from God that we are made so that two people can enjoy such pleasure and intimacy.

That said, I have a question about a man with whom I have had a couple of dates. We have not yet been intimate physically but have talked a lot and are very attracted to each other. I would expect that we will soon have sex.

With that in mind, perhaps, he asked if he could send me a revealing photo of himself and I said he could. It shows his partially engorged penis that is so huge it almost scares me! I truly would hardly know what to do with it! I wonder how he can even have a satisfying sex life with one THAT big.

Now, of course, he and I will talk this through, but I was just wondering if you can give me some tips first. He just tonight sent it to me and I won’t get a chance to have this conversation with him for a day or two.


Vatsyayana, author/editor of The Kama Sutra, was a social scientist and he loved to classify just about everything, so it’s no surprise that he did the same with male and female genitals. He divided them into three categories based on size and gave each category a name. Depending on his penis length, a man would be:

  • Hare—Small, less than five inches when fully erect (12. 5 cm)
  • Bull—Medium, under seven inches when fully erect (18 cm)
  • Horse—Large, up to ten inches (or more) when fully erect (25 cm)
  • According to the depth of her vagina, a woman would be:
  • Deer —Small, five inches deep or less (12. 5 cm)
  • Mare—Medium, up to seven inches deep (18 cm)
  • Elephant—Large, more than seven inches deep (18 cm +)

There is no particular advantage for a man having a large penis, and it can be quite a disadvantage if he is Horse size and his femaie partner is Deer size. If the man is larger than the woman, you must be very cautious with vigerous thrusting in order to avoid injury to the tender tissues inside the vagina. You must also select sexual intercourse positions that allow for only shallow penetration. Probably the safest positions would be woman on top and sideways. With woman on top positions the famale can be completely in charge of the depth of penetration, angle of penetration, and speed of penetration. All sideways positions tend to have more shallow penetration. Also, if the woman keeps her legs pressed more tightly together, this will limit the depth of penetration.

A significant mismatch in size, with the man being much larger than the woman can lead to serious challenges over years of lovemaking, placing limitations on what it is possible to do. This is not necesssarily a reason to avoid such relationships, but can be an important factor determining whether you want to go forward with this courting that is now in a very early stage. It is likely that this size difference between your male friend and other women has been serious and that is probably why he wants to give you early warning, so you can be advised and make decisions accordingly, before things get too far along.

Certainly if two people of significant gential size difference are in love and really want to make that difference work, they can do so, but it will require lifelong attention.

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